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The Heavy Recovery Team.


These under lifts are capable of lifting and towing  between 7.5 metric tonne up to 44 plus metric tonne and are the backbone of our business. Used daily to keep the M23 and M25 plus other major roads clear of broken down heavy goods vehicles and coaches.

The Heavy Haul Team.


Here at Southern Recovery we have an  80 tonne double extender trailer with a length of just over 100 feet.  We can accommodate for recovery a fully laden artic unit and trailer,  safely and securely which can then be taken to a destination of your choice or brought back to our secure storage facility to await your instructions.


The Unimog.


A 4 wheel drive winching tractor with hydraulic sprag and winching capabilities of 20 tonne plus, usable in all weathers and terrains.

Used to recover off road jobs, pulling them back to the road for safe recovery.


The Air Bag Recovery Unit.


Carrying five round bags with a  9300kg  lifting capacity on each bag and then the Big Wedge bag with a 17700kg  lifting  capacity , plus high pressure mats ranging  from 20 tonne to 40 tonne. Along with cribbing used for blocking when lifting, plus a generator for running the lighting unit . The Air Bag unit is one of our specialist recovery units here at  Southern Recovery.




These tilt and slide flatbed recovery vehicles are capable of recovering anything from 3.5 tonne to 12 tonne vehicles. All trucks are fitted with the latest recovery equipment and all our drivers are trained to IVR and national standards.


THE DAF LF  4X2 tilt and slide also has a second car lift  and is ideal for the recovery of light vans and commercials.


Just ring the number above for a quote.



Heavy Rescue Unit


The Rotator is a mobile crane with a 360 degree working area and has a 140 tonne per meter boom with two 10  tonne winches on the boom and two 20 tonne winches on the slew ring  meaning that at the base all four of the winches can be run off the boom at the same time, enabling controlled  movement of the recovery at all times.

The front legs of the unit power out and down and have toothed slippers that help grip the road surface when using the tie back points on the legs for sideways winching.


The rear legs are also the same as this and all this helps  to keep the vehicle stable  and secure when lifting or winching.


The rear of the truck has six tie back points for rear winching, two which are on the bottom of the rear spades, which also flip over. The under lift has an extra long reach with a slim line boom.


All of this equipment is worked by a radio remote control with proportional control to enable the operator to view the job at different angles, enabling pin point control over the lift or winch at all times. Ensuring a smooth and safe recovery of your vehicle.




This is Frieda, our ex MOD Monster.  She is comfortable anywhere and is more than capable of lifting out any heavy plant machinery, with super powerful winching capabilities and a 20m boom there isn't a lot she won't move !

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