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Reocovery in the SOuth
Heavy  recovery
Heavy recovery of bus
Bus recovery
Everyday at Southern Recovery Services  presents new challenges, as jobs across the South East differ from day to day, keeping us busy and keeping the road networks open and functioning. From a burnt out set of rear tyres on a 40 ton truck to a bus in a field, luckily an empty one, but still a challenge to move without causing any more damage. From Plant machinery stuck deep in the mud, to lorries that have left the highway and overturned. This is what we specialise in, we recover the job, whatever it may be in the Safest way possible using specialist trucks and equipment. That's why we are NO 1 in the south for heavy recovery.
With specialist trucks built for lifting and towing, there isn't much we can't achieve. Trucks that have completely rolled over on to their sides can cause all sorts of problems for the emergency services. They look to us to help them get the roadways open, the debris and damaged vehicles removed from the scene. We do this as safely and quickly as possible to make sure the roads are back open and functioning with minimum disturbance. 

 If you require anything please ring the office  on


01273 833 181 Thanks

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