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The newest edition to our fleet is this powerhouse DAF CF 84 460 custom built, 'bugs' is out on the road now working.

This DAF really is a powerhouse with a Trident H low reach underlift rated at 25000kg, with twin model 50 winches pulling in 31000kg each and an a Trident overboom capable of lifing

45000kg. All this is done by a wireless remote giving the operator precise control over the job.

Spike our heavy recovery truck is a DAF XF 105/510 with a maxi reach lowline underlift and a vulcan  V70 overboom, with twin DP winches and an 80 ton train weight.
This can be seen on the motorways of the south east and is easily recognisable as the cartoon character spike is on the cab.
The pride of  our fleet is the heavy rescue unit. It's an ERF 10 x 4 chassis, powered by a cummings 525 Bhp engine. A fuller 13 speed gearbox plus rockwell axles and drivetrain. Fitted with 21000kg, 4 metre reach underlift equipment with a kicking boom. Plus a 102 ton/metre roatating crane with a 12.9 metre long boom, carrying 2 x10 ton & 2 x 20 ton Bomfiglioli winches. All equipment is operated by varible speed remote radio control.
The heavy rescue, this unit was built to be one of the very best in the buisiness. It continues to be called to incidents  throughout the south east. Trucks that have left the road or have turned over fully loaded, then SRS have the equipment and knowledge to recover whatever from wherever, safley and efficiently. 
ERF Underlift, 
Seen up and down the motorways and roads of the South East, can be spotted with cartoon Mutley on the Cab
DAF LF  Slide beds  
easily spotted with Tom and Jerry on the cabs.
Freida is an ex ministry of defence monster, and is a specialist piece of equipment with a overhead boom and a back blade and twin winches she is great for off road jobs like pulling plant equipment back on to tera firma when nothing else will do it. She hasn't been painted in Southern Recovery colours as this would be a mamouth task, but she does have the southern recovery logo's, and works as part of the team on heavy plant recovery and rescues.
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