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Our Albion was originally built in 1924 with a 24hp petrol engine. This was a general purpose flat bed truck that has had extensive renovation to bring it to the standard you see here in the photos.
The FWD was built in 1918 for WW1 to carry troops and supplies.  This also had extensive renovation to bring it up to  the standard you see here in the photos.

The Diamond T is a 1945 vehicle that has been extensively  restored and been used in the Marvel movie "Captain America". It recently won best recovery truck award at the Ardingly Steam, Vintage & classic car show 2014.


The WW2 Willys Jeep is a classic vehicle, is owned and fettled by Grandson and Grandad and attended the Wiston Steam fair 2014


In the following photos you will see our passions and our hobbies. There's JESS, our Marshall steam engine from 1908, that was built by us from the ground up and restored into the condition you see today, It can be seen at the steam and traction shows throughout the Southeast. Our other steam engine is a 1903 Foden, and this is the same, it has been rebuilt from the ground up.  It's first outings have been this year 2014,  with a few teething problems but was paraded round at both the Wiston & Ardingly Steam shows.


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